UK English and US English are different

American English v British English

I was recently asked by a client to review about 50 pages of content on their U.S. website and edit this so that it was suitable for a British audience.

I thought that this would be a fairly straightforward task involving making all the obvious spelling changes…making sure that words like “color” and “flavor”  had a “u” in them, changing “center” to centre, “toward” to towards, “program” to programme and amending words like “organization” and “specialize” to the UK spelling.

Alfa Romeos – There’s Just Something About Them

The Beginning of the Love Affair

I owned my first Alfa at 19. It was 1979 and I was living in Germany at the time. The car was a rusty blue Alfasud which a guy in the office had given me rather than sending to the scrap-heap. Although the car’s bodywork wasn’t in great shape its engine was good – it had a wonderful, rasping tone. I enjoyed driving this little car around the streets of Hamburg for a few months.

It was also at around this time that I set eyes upon my first Alfa Montreal – for my money still one of the most beautiful supercars ever made. At the time I remember wondering how successful you have to be in life to own a car like that.

Interviewing Tips from a Copywriter

As a financial copywriter I must often interview people face-to-face in order to be able to complete my work, whether it’s for a business article, an annual report or a press release.

Most people are happy to give interviews and will communicate freely and openly, but I do sometimes encounter interviewees who are more reticent, perhaps through shyness or concern about being misquoted.

My job is to ensure that interviews run smoothly and to establish a rapport with the interviewee so that I get all the information I need. The best interviews happen when the interviewee is happy with the process too.

Bab Al Bahrain

Bahrain Before The Crackdown

I was out in Bahrain in December last year, just before the current troubles began. Seeing the images on TV of what has happened in Bahrain in recent weeks I wanted to reflect on happier times on this island which holds so many happy memories for me.

I was lucky enough to work in Bahrain twice – from 1982-1984 and again from 1994-1996. I was with the British Bank of the Middle East (now HSBC) and on both occasions lived in Adliya and worked at the old Main Office of the bank in Al-Khalifa Avenue, next to Jashanmals Department Store.