In a small way doing our bit

99% paper-free office

As part of our commitment to sustainability we print out virtually nothing. We send all copywriting quotes, drafts and invoices to clients electronically. No direct mail is sent out. All marketing activity for the business is done online.


This is a home-based business, so there are none of the carbon emissions that would normally result from regular commuting to a place of work. Client meetings mostly take place online, which helps to reduce pollution.

Food waste is handled sustainably

Copywriters drink a lot of coffee! We compost all coffee-grounds, as well as fruit and vegetable peelings, in the garden. The compost is spread on our organic vegetable patch (pictured below).

To read a simple, step-by-step guide on how to create a vegetable patch in your garden, click here.

Organic growing patch. Sustainability in action

Renewable energy

All of the electricity consumed by the business comes from 100% renewable sources.

Charitable contributions

We’re committed to protecting the natural environment. We support, and take great interest in, the excellent wildlife conservation work being done locally by Kent Wildlife Trust.

Copywriting for charities

From time to time we provide copywriting services to certain charities at no cost, particularly those that have a core focus either on sustainability or on protecting the vulnerable. One such charity is Sevenoaks Welcomes Refugees.

Acting local

To support our commitment to sustainability, we purchase business supplies and other services, wherever possible, from local vendors. This keeps the money circulating within the local economy.

We’ve also made a small financial investment in the Kent wine industry. Kentish wines are some of the best produced anywhere in the UK. Wine experts are predicting that our local wine industry will go from strength to strength in the years ahead.

Blogging about sustainability

We’ve written a few blogs on sustainability topics. Here are a couple of recent ones:

A Roadmap to Sustainability for Small Businesses.

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