Hiring me for your upcoming writing project is a smart choice. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • I’m an experienced writer
  • I’m quick on the uptake
  • I’m easy to work with
  • I’m very responsive
  • I’ll produce copy for you that’s of consistently high quality

My clients expect their copy to be intelligently written. That’s a given. It must also be engaging. Most important of all – in commercial enterprises at least – it should help to drive profitability. I get all this. As I sit down to work on your writing project I’ll have all of these considerations uppermost in my mind.

  • I’ll step back and look at your business objectively. I’m able to look at things from a customer’s point of view – something which you may find quite hard to do yourself.
  • Before I write anything, I’ll ensure that I fully understand your objectives and the key points you want to communicate to your target audience.
  • If you’re not sure about the right “Tone of Voice” for your project, I’ll offer some thoughts.
  • I’ll write copy which is persuasive, grammatically correct and appropriate for the type of communication.
  • For website copy projects I’ll work closely with you to establish what your keywords are. Then I’ll incorporate these seamlessly into the copy for SEO purposes.

Please give me a call on 07771 641498 and let’s have a no obligation chat about your writing project.