There are a lot of people out there who design new websites, either as their main line of business, or as a sideline. Which is great. With so many people doing this work, and the wide array of website design packages available, you can get a new website built and hosted for a very reasonable price these days.

DIY Copywriting May Not Be the Answer

There’s a potential problem though. Most people think they can write good web copy, so they decide to do a DIY job on the web content in order to save a few hundred pounds. I come across many posts on social media saying something like: “I’d really love it if you’d have a look at my new website.” So I do. And often I’ll find a website with great graphics, dazzling imagery and fancy things happening when you click on an image or a link.

And then I look at the quality and structure of the copy to see if it matches that of the web design, and there’s disappointment. Why? Because I can see from how the copy has been written that the website may struggle for visibility with search engines. The potential business opportunities that should go hand in hand with a new website haven’t been maximised.

Copywriters Understand the Customer Journey

There’s a solution though. If you’re launching a new website, pick up the phone and call a copywriter right after you’ve chosen your web designer. Not involving a copywriter when you’re building a new website can turn out to be a false economy.

Of course I would say this, wouldn’t I? Well yes, I’m a copywriter. But here’s the thing – if you’re paying a lot of money for a new website, you need to stop and think carefully about the customer journey and the customer experience before it goes live. You want potential customers to find your new website. And once they’re on it you want them to buy the product or service you’re selling, and have a positive experience while doing so.

It can be a bit of a minefield – a skilled copywriter will help you navigate through it!

Steve Shaw

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  1. After spending a long 19 years in joarlunism, I decided to give advertising a shot. I recently joined an advertising company. One of the first assignments I had to do here was to write a corporate brochure for a prominent builder. Thanks to you, my struggle with a new kind of writing was made much simpler. Thanks a ton![]Karen Marcus Reply:October 10th, 2012 at 8:23 amSooraj, you’re welcome. Glad to help! I believe a good writer can write anything, and sometimes it’s just a matter of learning the particulars of a given type of piece. Best wishes in your advertising career.[]

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