The first line of a LinkedIn post is critical

Give very careful thought to your first line, because as your LinkedIn audience reads it this is the moment when they will decide whether to continue reading your post or just scroll on past it.

Never underestimate the power of the visual

Creating content isn’t just about the writing itself. Use images that support the content. This improves the overall reading experience. And don’t forget to optimise your images. A high percentage of LinkedIn engagement is on mobile devices, so make sure your images suit small devices as well. Use video content where you can, as this also helps greatly to drive engagement. Videos should start with essential information and end with your call to action (see below).

Ask a question in your post

Starting a conversation about something in your field or your industry can be a good approach, as is using your post to ask for advice. The LinkedIn algorithm rewards engagement, so asking your audience to share their opinions or insights should help to boost engagement…and also your own following. When people add comments on your post, make sure you keep the conversation going by replying.

Share interesting articles

Sharing company news or industry/business news is good. Posts which contain useful tools or resources for the reader (such as presentations or educational materials) are also valued.

Use quotes and statistics in your LinkedIn posts

Quotes and stats are considered effective “hooks” for luring readers in. They help to drive click-through rates and impressions.

As a general rule, keep posts short

Marketing experts recommend this because attention spans these days tend to be rather short. A large majority of people will be viewing their LinkedIn feed on their mobiles and may be scrolling through quite quickly. So, convey the essential information and get straight to the point.

Longer LinkedIn posts can work as well…but only if they’re good

If you write compelling content that has real value for your audience, they will read it even if it’s quite long. High quality longer form content, if it’s interesting or of enough value, will capture readers’ attention and inspire them to share your post with their peers.

Deepen the relationship with a strong call to action (CTA)

After reading your post, what do you want readers to do next? Whatever your goal is, the CTA in your post needs to be carefully designed to support it.

Use hashtags, but don’t overdo them

Use up to 3 hashtags and make sure they’re popular ones. Globally, the 3 most popular hashtags in 2020 were #Innovation #Management and #DigitalMarketing. Use event hashtags if you’re posting about industry conferences, awards or events.

Author: Steve Shaw at Bishopsgate Copywriting.

Steve Shaw