Share Your Workload

If you work at a busy PR agency, I expect you spend a lot of time writing press releases, opinion pieces and feature articles. Plus you have to keep on top of your clients and media contacts, as well as doing lots of networking.

Some of those writing projects can seem pretty daunting, right? So why not ease your burden? Let an experienced copywriter and content writer like me handle some of them for you.

Stressed out PR agency worker
Time to call a financial copywriter for help!

Financial Copywriting Specialist

I specialise in financial copywriting and content writing work. I’ve worked in many parts of the banking industry and understand all the jargon. In a past life I headed up the corporate communications function at a large financial institution. I was also the editor of a financial magazine.

This means I understand the importance of high quality writing and of adhering to strict publishing deadlines. All clients are demanding – none more so than financial sector clients. I’m used to this.

I can work directly from your brief. Or I can liaise directly with your client to plan, create, review and finalise the text. Whatever works best.

Fast Turnaround

You probably have lots of experience with briefing copywriters. But just in case you don’t, I’ve written a blog about it.

Once you’ve briefed me on the job, I’ll get to work. I’m usually able to offer fast turnaround.

So you can relax, safe in the knowledge that by hiring me for your project you’ll be able to give your clients the high-quality content they expect.