Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw

I set up Bishopsgate Copywriting in 2010 to provide editorial services to a (mainly) financial sector client base. The business has steadily developed since then and now has a good mix of UK and international clients including banks, financial magazines, publishers, web designers, manufacturers, local government and charities.

I’ve been working in, or writing about, the financial sector since 1977. I was an International Manager with the HSBC Group for many years and subsequently headed up Corporate Communications and Marketing at another large bank. I’ve also been the Editor of  ”FX-MM” magazine. In case you’re wondering where the “Bishopsgate” name comes from I chose it for my business because I started my banking career at 99, Bishopsgate in the City of London.

I’ve lived and worked in a dozen different countries across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. My extensive managerial experience in the world of banking sets me apart from a lot of other financial writers – it’s much easier to write about the financial industry when you’ve actually been at the sharp end yourself.

I can write on a wide range of topics….not just financial ones. If I’m not familiar with a particular topic I’ll either research it until I am or I’ll put you in touch with one of my wide network of writing contacts who is. I like to find solutions for my clients. That’s part of the reason why they keep coming back to me.

To see the sectors that I’ve written about click here.

I have experience in many different sectors, including:


  • asset management
  • banking
  • credit cards
  • Basel III
  • equity trading
  • foreign exchange
  • payments and cash management
  • product development
  • regulatory developments
  • ratings agencies
  • relationship management
  • retail marketing
  • risk management
  • tax
  • trade finance
  • treasury


  • business banking
  • call centres
  • change management
  • compliance
  • corporate governance
  • corporate social responsibility
  • credit management
  • fraud risk
  • human resource management
  • marketing
  • offshoring
  • operational risk
  • regulatory environment


  • identity & access management
  • internet security
  • password security
  • smart card technology
  • two-factor authentication


  • car reviews
  • education
  • local history
  • property
  • social housing
  • social media
  • travel

If you don’t see your sector on this list, don’t worry…. I’m a copywriter and my talent is getting to grips with what your business is all about and producing compelling content for you.

Steve H Shaw, Basic Author