Share Your Copywriting Workload

Are you a PR agency in need of a copywriter? I’ve worked with quite a few PR agencies and I know what a stressful working environment it can be. If your agency doesn’t have an in-house copywriter, why not ease your burden and let me handle some of your copywriting projects for you?

Once you’ve briefed me on the job, I’ll get to work. If you give me a bit of advance notice, I’m usually able to offer fast turnaround.

This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that by hiring me for your project you’ll be able to give your clients the high-quality content they’ve come to expect from you.

Stressed out PR agency worker
Time to call a financial copywriter for help!

Financial Copywriting Specialist

I specialise in financial copywriting. I’ve worked in many areas of the banking industry. I’ve also headed up the corporate communications function at a large financial institution and was the editor of a financial magazine.

So I understand the importance that PR agencies place on high quality copywriting and of adhering to tight deadlines. All clients are demanding – none more so than financial sector clients. I’m used to this.

Please head over to my Clients page to see who I’ve written for.

Briefing a Copywriter

Most PR agencies have lots of experience with briefing external copywriters. But some writing projects are more challenging than others, so I’ve written a blog about what makes for a good brief.

I’m happy to work directly from a PR agency brief and operate on an arms-length basis with the agency’s client. But some agencies prefer me to liaise directly with the client to gather information about the job and to write, review and finalise the content. Whichever arrangement works best.